Personalised Tuition

People are social creatures. We’re hardwired to learn best from others. Even the smallest class sizes don’t allow for dedicated one-on-one interaction. One-on-one tuition makes the learner a part of the conversation rather than a part of the audience.

Online Tuition

Tuition from the comfort of your home. We use writing tablets in order to create a seamless learning experience. Online comes with loads of other benefits – simulations, videos and other forms of media can easily be integrated into lessons. It also means that busy lives have one less drive to schedule! Our lessons take place over Zoom, and we aim for interactivity and personal connection in addition to a great learning experience.

Subjects Offered

We’ve got tutors who are as curious as you are about the following subjects:

Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy
Physical Science
English & Afrikaans

Interested in a subject not listed here? Let us know – our tutors have many talents!

Grades Tutored

Everyone can benefit from personal attention and a helping hand. 

Whether you’re preparing for your matric exams, or trying to get the hang of this thing we call math, we can help you out.

English and Afrikaans: Grade 1 to 12
Mathematics: Grade 1 to 12
All other subjects Grade 8 to 12


The only way to keep up in the modern world is to be a learner for life.

Yes, sometimes there are times when you’ve got to just grind it out… but we believe the pursuit of knowledge starts with curiosity.

Our tutors are selected based on their enthusiasm for the subject – and that enthusiasm is infectious! Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend more time learning because you wanted to, not because you had to?

Online Learning Courses

We want to offer something for everyone. 

We know hiring a tutor is a big financial commitment, so we’ve created an online learning platform where you can access courses.

We’ve started small so we can offer the best quality possible – but watch this space! We’ll be adding new courses over time.

Online Learning Courses

Grade 12 Rewrite Preparation

Let us help you make your second chance count. We’ve created a 9 week program to best help you prepare to rewrite Maths and Physical Science.

We’ve concluded the rewrite preparation courses for midyear and will make these available again nearer the end of the year. Please contact us should you be interested in getting started sooner!

NBT Prep

NBTs are one of those extra stresses added to your matric year that you could probably do without. Let us help you prepare so you have the best chance of being admitted to your desired field of study


Once the end of the year rolls around (sooner than you think)… You’ll always appreciate seeing the big picture after having been fed bits and pieces throughout the year.

Our workshops are aimed at preparing  you for your exams by focusing on those most critical skills you need in order to succeed. 

It’s not called a workshop for nothing – it’s hands on! You and the expert tutor will tackle papers together to help you get it all dialed in for the big day.

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